The first six months

365 Dates of Travel : The first six months

A mad romp around the world by a quirky data collector.

A book for those who love Peter Moore. If you love Bill Bryson read this!

Fran has a travel story for all 365 dates of the year, from Thanksgiving in New York, Christmas in Bethlehem, to New Year’s Day in Cairo. Travel mishaps and adventures include broken bank cards in Jerusalem, arguments in Libya, and Wacky Races in Mauritania. 

Read travel mishaps and adventures from Albuquerque to Aleppo, Cairo to Copenhagen, Lebanon to Libya, Morocco to Mauritania, Poland to Portugal and more!

Fran left Australia in 1992 as a naive 18-year-old with no money, no credit card, and before e-mail and the internet were invented. She’s a woman solo traveller, who travels by train, car, overland vehicle, bus, Uber, plane, lifts with strangers and the occasional group tour, through Africa, Europe, Middle East, USA and Australia. There’s travel humour aplenty, including tales of her “trusty pink umbrella”. She’s a self proclaimed bad redhead and meets “red-hair-freaks” along the way.

Data is collected on money spent; steps taken; wrinkled-ness of clothes; and hilarious diet details due to a fear of eating alone in restaurants and in speaking foreign languages.

Will the car make it? Where’s Fran’s passport? Will she buy the dust-able souvenir?

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365 Dates of Travel: The SECOND six months

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