Screenshots from my trial of editing software called Fictionary and talked about in my podcast 365 Dates of Travel with Fran Heap from 12th July, 2023: Episode 21: That Time I Used AI For Writing

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Best viewed on computer or tablet.

At a glance see the length of your chapters
It finds characters which can can merge together if need be
You can see your story arc in visual form and layer in the characters to see when they appear and disappear in the story
It picks up all characters even if mentioned but not present but you can tell it where people are
Breaks the scenes down into details such as who is in it and who POV the reader is getting
You learn why each point is important as you go or if not sure
You have your scenes to left, prose in middle and elements to look for on right
An example of the elements filled in for the above scene as far as editing the plot
The Setting editing points filled in
All the info you put in can then be looked at in a graph side by side for each scene
You keep scrolling down for more…
And more…
It attempted a story arc for my unfinished book then realised it wasn’t ready for that!
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