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Transcript for Episode 28: That Time I Wanted To Open A Youth Hostel

Hello, welcome to this week’s podcast, all about the September chapter from the book 365 Dates of Travel: The SECOND Six Months. In this chapter, I have stories from 1996, when I went to Ireland, 1999 Space Camp, which was just fantastic. A very brief meant to be a teaser from Africa in 2014, a trip to Vegas and a few other places in 2017, and also in New Orleans in 2018. 

Leaving Denmark

Back in 1996, when I went to Ireland, it was when I had finished my nanny job in Denmark and leaving Denmark, which was a very hard thing for me to do. It was one of those situations where I could only get a two-year visa and I was going to have to leave at some point. And I’d rather have left when everything was going well, when I had friends and everything around me, because over time, a lot of people had left and I didn’t want to be the last man standing. 

So I was leaving Denmark, even though I didn’t have to exactly at that point. And I didn’t need to exactly at that point, but that was the point I chose. I had also had the plan at one point to go study in Canada. So the time of year that I left would have potentially led to that situation if I’d been starting university in, say, September, which I believe is correct for the Canadian study year. But that didn’t quite happen. 

Nanny to triplets

So I found myself leaving Denmark. The first port of call was back to London and stayed with friends to start with until I sorted myself out. I’d managed to get myself a job with triplets, which was so exciting to me. Triplets are my thing, particularly when it comes to nannying. I specialised as a multiple birth nanny for a lot of my career, definitely the end part of my career. 

But in 1996, I was still starting my career. I was only a few years in and was building up my skills so that I could specialise in the multiple births. And so I’m very happy that I got this triplets job. And I was going to find somewhere to live around near where they were, but I hadn’t got around to that yet. And the job potentially came with an apartment, or at least an apartment that I could stay in until I got myself sorted out. So I didn’t need to exactly rush to find somewhere to stay, and I didn’t have anything else I really needed to do. 

Trip to Ireland

But the job didn’t start for a couple of weeks, so I decided I would go travelling and I ended up in Ireland. So from England you can catch a bus to the ferry and a ferry over to Ireland, straight to Dublin. And I have quite a bit of diary and notes for this trip because it was in the phase where I was keeping a daily diary whether I was travelling or not. 

My budget

I also have the guidebook with notes in the back and, based on my scribblings in the guidebook, it looks like I had a daily budget of around 15 pounds. Now, I’m going to assume that’s English pounds, but Ireland also has the monetary note of pounds. So we have Irish pounds and English pounds, which can be confusing. And I’m not 100% sure all the time which pounds I was talking about, but I think in the back of my guidebook I probably would have been talking about English pounds. And I can’t remember what the exchange rate was, but once I’m in Ireland, I’m talking about costs in Irish pounds. 

15 pounds, whether it was Irish or English, wasn’t really a lot of money. So I’m not sure how I planned to stick to that because I didn’t stick to that. There were quite a few high expenses including a tour, souvenirs and little rides on a horse and cart, where I got invited out for a Guinness later from a guy who was probably more triple my age rather than double my age, which I declined. But it’s always nice to have an offer. 

Irish friends with Danish connections

Another reason for choosing Ireland was that I had a friend who had lived in Denmark and returned to Ireland, and it was at least someone I could catch up with. 

It was really hard to leave Denmark. I didn’t want to leave Denmark, so catching up with a friend who I could also talk to with about Denmark was just like icing on the cake. So I go travelling to a new country where I’d never been before and get to catch up a friend and talk about and remember the wonderful Denmark. 

Opening a youth hostel

In some of the diary from the trip, I mention a lot about the hostels, what was actually in them, what they looked like, what facilities they had and everything about how they worked. Because at the time, I had a plan of opening up my own hostel. I was planning, designing, organising and trying to make the perfect hostel, like the hostel I would like to have stayed at every single place that I went to. 

I was taking notes on everything that I could find along the way to help me make that dream come true, because I’d come across a fellow traveller, an American traveller, who talked about how he’d opened a hostel specifically for the Atlanta Olympic Games. These had only been in the summer of 1996 and we’re in September. So it was a month, almost two months, I guess, to the end of those Olympics. And he had basically, like, obviously, I don’t know all the details, and it now sounds a bit farcical, to be honest, but he had managed to find an old building he was able to rent for a short period. He went to the hardware store, built wooden bed frames. He said he got mattresses from the rubbish, from people who’d put mattresses out on the streets to be picked up. He went around the streets and collected old mattresses and bought cheap mattresses wherever he could. So nothing was new. Everything was handmade and slapped together. And he had more mattresses than he had bed frames. He said accommodation was in such short supply during that two-week period that he could charge people ridiculously high amounts and they would pay it even if it was just a mattress on the floor in the corridor. 

Well, obviously that’s not what my hostel would be like, but he gave me the inspiration. If he can do that and do that quickly, then why can’t I? So he made quite a lot of money. Obviously, it was a lot of money to us at the time. It would not be considered a lot of money now, but it paid for his travels and that’s what he was now doing. He was now spending the money that he’d earned there, but he was staying in youth hostels as opposed to five-star hotels. But it was just enough inspiration that I felt like, well, if he can do it, so can I. 

The next Olympics in the year 2000 were going to be in Sydney, which is, well, Sydney is not my hometown, but it is my home country. Not that I’d been back. And I thought, well, what a perfect time to start a hostel. Start it so that it’s ready to open. So I have an amazing open by being full during the olympics. You couldn’t ask for a better time to start. But I never put any of that into practice. I never opened a hostel. Now it’s more Airbnb type accommodation people are thinking about. 

Are hostels out of fashion?

A lot of younger people don’t seem to use youth hostels, definitely not as much as they did before. And when they do, they want a lot more luxury than we would ever have expected from youth hostels back in the 1990s. I feel a bit bad when the young girls start or young people start going off travelling, and they’re talking about how they’ve bought premium economy flights or business flights because, oh, I can’t stand a flight for that long. And they’re staying in hotels and getting Ubers and taxis as they travel. It’s such a different way of experiencing the world. Obviously, I enjoy my luxury now, and I don’t begrudge anyone a bit of luxury, especially if you’ve got the money. But I do feel like they’re missing out a little bit on some of the experience. 

But it does sound like they’ve gone downhill since my day. There’s more unsavoury people, apparently. Unsavoury is the wrong word. I guess disrespect. So disrespect for other people’s belongings and space and privacy and things along that line. Not that you ever got lots of sleep in hostels. You were always being disturbed by someone else’s snoring or moving in the bunk bed where you’re on top and bottom bunks, or people leaving for early trains or arriving late at night, or going out and coming home drunk and not being able to make it up the ladder to the top bunk. It’s always fun watching a drunk person climb up a ladder in a bunk bed while they’re trying to be quiet. We all know that you make more noise when you’re trying to be quiet than when you’re not trying to be quiet, but it’s part of the experience.

You meet so many more people when you’re travelling in hostels. And I’m still friends today with people that I met from the hostels, so I’m glad I had the hostelling experience, but I’m also glad I don’t have to use that as an option. I think about it every now and then. And I was definitely against the official hostels back in the day. I found it easier to meet people in the private hostels, but the private hostels weren’t necessarily as clean and tidy as the official youth hostels like the ones associated with the International Youth Hostels Association. You paid more for those hostels, but they did have better facilities and cleaner. 

Maybe I could try one of those official hostels one day. But back in 1996, there’s no way. I just went with whatever was cheapest because, well, I had no money, but I was still trying to travel the world the best that I could.

So I didn’t stick to that 15 pound budget. But my accommodation was still fairly cheap most of the time, and I did get a night or two free by staying with my friend Annette in her little bedsit. 

Las Vegas trip in 2017

There’s quite a lot in the September chapter about my trip in 2017, which was a multifaceted trip. It started as a work conference, which was being held in Vegas, which is how I ended up in Vegas. And then from there, I looked at things in the vicinity of the area and decided that the national parks, like particularly around Utah, was what I really wanted to do. 

The Vegas strip

Being the first time in Vegas, besides an hour or so back in 1992, between buses, I wanted to see everything. I never made it to the strip back in 1992. I made it to the very top of the strip, which is now the Stratosphere Hotel. But that was as far as I went. So I wanted to see the lights, the glamour, and all the stuff that comes with Vegas. 

Area 51 and aliens

I had plenty of time to stay in Vegas itself, and I planned lots of day trips out to the Grand Canyon to Area 51. Highly recommend the day trip out to Area 51 and all things alien. It’s just a fun day to imagine “what if” and what does really happen that we don’t know about. What does the government do behind closed doors? And why is there high security in the middle of the desert around a place that supposedly does not exist? Why does it have its own airline with multiple flights a day if it doesn’t exist? 

Conference junkie

That was a bit of fun, doing day trips outside of Vegas. And this was what, 2017? So I had become a conference junkie, and it started in 2016, where I ended up in Nashville. So the year before, around similar times, because this conference moves from one place to another. That’s why it was a good conference to go to, because you get to go to different places. Like, I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen Nashville as a place to go, but I absolutely loved it. So that was a bonus. 

I only started that trip to Nashville because that was the year, if you remember, my father died. Unexpectedly, I was named in the will. And so when I heard I was going to be getting a bit of an inheritance, I thought, well, my dad was always big on education, and so I thought it would make him happy to spend some of his money on education. So I booked this conference. It was in time with a few other exciting things that I will tell you about another time.  

I loved the whole conference experience, and it is a way of making yourself go somewhere. And I can claim some of the expenses back, which makes it a bit cheaper than it seems at the outset. 2016 started it. 2017 was the second time I went, and it just happened to be in Vegas. So that’s why I chose Vegas. 

National Parks tour

I spent ages working out a tour of the national parks. I didn’t necessarily want to do long walks in the middle of deserts by myself. I decided it was better to do a tour where they took us to the national parks and they would make sure that I left the national park. I always take a whistle with me if I know I’m going walking out of the cities just in case I manage to fall over a cliff or do an injury in some other way. With the whistle I hope I can attract some attention even if I lose my voice or just can’t scream loud enough for someone to hear, as a whistle is louder. 

Walking or hiking?

I found a tour that did everything I wanted, but I was worried because it was called a hiking trip. And that made me nervous. In Australia, a walk and a hike are considered different things, or I’d always considered them two different things. I ended up checking this out. 

In the Australian dictionary, a walk is described as “to go or travel on foot at a moderate pace”. And then when you look up the word hike, it says “to walk a long distance, especially through country districts or the bush for pleasure”. So to me they are slightly different things. I was worried. 

In my head, I expect hikers to have paraphernalia, like special boots, the walking sticks, but as a walker you don’t necessarily need or use any of those extra things. You have runners/sneakers as your footwear and off you go. So I worried about what I’d signed myself up to.  

I was very relieved to hear that hiking is the same as walking when it comes to American English understanding. So I didn’t have to worry at all about how much walking was going to be involved, how much skill was needed, or how much specialty equipment was expected and none of the above was required. 

Hiking the national parks

I was the youngest in the group and it was a lovely group. We were all there for the same reason. We were all there for the scenery. None of us had specific walks in mind. We had no ideas of pushing ourselves to the limit and going to the highest peak and all that sort of stuff. Whenever we were asked what hike we wanted to do, everyone just said, oh, you choose based on the scenery, whatever the most scenic walk is, and the guide would do that. So it was a lovely trip. 

Southwest Adventure Tours and guide Haydee

It was a small group and the only trip I could find including all the national parks that I wanted to visit. It was Southwest Adventure Tours, and I would happily go back on any of their tours. I had a wonderful time. 

The guide Haydee was absolutely amazing. She knew all the walks; she knew what to do. We never had to walk back. If it was a walk or hike that didn’t have a return circuit, she would drop us off, explain what we needed to do or what we needed to know. She would drive to the other end and walk in to meet us wherever we ended up. And that was really nice. We wandered through, enjoyed the scenery, chatting away, getting to know each other. There was no “let’s do it in the fastest time”, we just meandered along and chatted away. It was a very nice little tour.

Vegas hotels and The Strip

I had time in Vegas before and after the tour, so I stayed in multiple different hotels, trying them all out, which was kind of fun. It was nice to see different parts of the strip and different styles of hotels. I didn’t want to miss a thing of Vegas. 

The strip is long, and I was having trouble understanding how it worked. Like, how could it take 20 minutes to walk next door? That’s what Google maps was trying to tell me. It would take me 20 minutes to get from one hotel to the hotel next door. I had no concept of the size and the scale I was about to experience. 

I found walking tours of the Vegas strip, as in YouTube videos of people walking up and down the strip and showing me as it went by. And that’s when I realised how it worked, and that each individual hotel is like a massive city block. It’s not just a hotel, it’s a city block of entertainment and hotel rooms, of course. Some of them are intertwined and connected. Some you can just walk in from the front, some you have to sort of go around and behind. And each has a selection of attractions and obviously the casinos and the hotel parts and restaurants and all that. 

After watching multiple walking videos and zoomed in within an inch of its life, which you’ve heard me do before on Google maps to try and write my own walking tour. And it was quite a few pages in my travel bible. It took me hours and hours and hours, but it worked. It was amazing. I saw everything I wanted to see, and I just followed the instructions I’d written down and it was easy. I could take my time at my own pace rather than if I’d had to do it in a walking tour group or something like that.

My travel bible helping others

I gave it recently to a girl from work who went to Vegas. I said, I don’t know if you’ll understand it or whatever, but if you’re interested, here’s what I did, and it will give you a breakdown on where everything is. And you’ll get to see everything, basically, in one day. 

She took it with her and said it was helpful. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s a pandemic thing, but some of the attractions had closed since I’d been there. So, 2017, I was there, and she would have been there 2022 into January, 2023, and some of the attractions had closed down and no longer existed. So obviously Vegas has changed a little bit, but she said the instructions were easy to follow and it definitely helped see more in a shorter amount of time. And said yes, definitely pass them on when I said someone else at work was also going to Vegas. She said definitely worth giving it to them. I haven’t given it to them yet. I think they leave very soon, so I’ll have to talk to her. 

So my work paid off. It helped somebody else along the way. And I do have a couple of pages of the instructions in the September chapter, so you can see the sort of instructions I follow when I’ve written my travel bible. 

ESTA visa mistake

But I forgot to talk about the disaster of this trip. I cannot believe to this day that I stuffed up my American visa. So, as an Australian, we can go under the visa waiver program, but we have to apply for what’s called an ESTA visa. And I’d done it the year before. I knew what I was doing, and I just mistyped. So that was very annoying. 

I turn up at the airport and I’m told I don’t have a visa. But it was funny how many people actually turned up at the airport besides myself without a visa. I mean, at least I thought I had a visa. It was just a typo, but the line was two or three deep when I joined it and there was at least another three or four or more after me, lined up. 

It’s literally a desk at the airport window. So the back of their chairs face out to where the taxis and drop off area is, and there’s a desk in front of them. And that’s it. But that’s the Flight Centre kiosk and as a travel agency, they can help you get the ESTA visa. But they weren’t open as yet. They must have opened at seven, and I was there at six something. But the amount of people that lined up for this ESTA visa, and they charged $55 for each one, so it must be huge business for them to get everyone’s last minute ESTAs.

 It’s an online form. You fill it out; you press print, and it’s pretty much done. It’s not a difficult process, or a process that needed official approval and to be looked at. Now, you have to have that visa at least 72 hours before your flight, so it doesn’t take necessarily 72 hours to get it, but you can’t do it at the airport like I did it. So Flight Centre must have lost a huge part of their revenue thanks to that change, which happened at some point over the pandemic. 

Space Camp

But I accidentally skipped from 1996 all the way to 2017, completely forgetting 1999 and Space Camp. Oh, how could I have done that? Space Camp was absolutely amazing. It was something I had always wanted to do. It was at the end of 1999, was when I was getting ready to leave America and come back to Australia for the first time, or the first real time, when I was so called, finishing my main, travelling and working around the world. It was on the list of things that I had to do before I left, and it took me a while to organise it, but I eventually got it and exactly what I wanted. It was the best thing ever. 

I was so surprised by how amazing my diary was. Like, I thought I had quite a few memories from that, but when I was reading the diary, oh, the detail that I had written, and I wish I had this much detail about every day of my life, because there’s just no way I would have remembered all the things that were there. And it was so much fun reading it. So I’ve got a lot of diary excerpts in the dates for Space Camp, because there’s just no way I could do justice to it, because I don’t remember, I don’t have the memories to write about it. I only have the words at the time, and I think the words at the time are going to be a lot more accurate than anything I could write now. So I’m very grateful that I had an amazing diary from that trip. 

It’s a great week. Highly recommend it. You do not have to be a child to go to Space Camp. This is Adult Space Camp. And so we were all adults. We had a couple of teenagers, like 19, who’d aged out of the children’s program. But there were a few in our 20s. There were thirties, forties, and even people in their fifties. So if you’ve ever dreamt about going to Space Camp and thought you’ve missed out, trust me, you haven’t. 

It’s changed since 1999, but if nothing else, they’ll always have the weekend adult Space Camp. So if it’s always been a dream, go live it, because at the time it was cheaper than a week at Disney World. So definitely don’t think your dream is over. If you’ve always wanted to do something like Space Camp, highly recommend it and have a read of the story in the book if you haven’t already, because it was so much fun, so much fun. 

New Orleans via Amtrak

And the story from 2018 when I’m in New Orleans was also for a conference, or it was a trip based around a conference, and I decided to take the long way. So I caught the train from Los Angeles to New Orleans. We all know I love trains, and so that was a great way of getting there. Rather than arriving in Los Angeles from Melbourne and then getting on another plane and flying to New Orleans, I took the train instead. 

It was a great trip on Amtrak, my good old little roomette all to myself. We were meant to arrive at about 9:00 pm into New Orleans, but we did not arrive till after midnight. 

Southern Decadence

I took a taxi from the train station to as close as they could get me to the French Quarter for the hotel I was staying at. I had to walk maybe four or five blocks from where the taxi driver could drop me off and the entrance to the hotel. 

The streets were pumping. There were people everywhere. It was party central from woe to go. There were lavish costumes. Everyone was drunk, but happy drunk. And the atmosphere and the music were incredible. I thought it was normal New Orleans. But that wasn’t quite true. Unbeknownst to me, I’d arrived on the last day of something called Southern Decadence. So it’s a Labor Day weekend extravaganza party. A multi day event that’s often considered a combination of New Orleans pride and Mardi Gras. But it said something along the lines of a bawdier adult focused twist. So that’s what gave the extra energy and excitement that I felt in the air as I walked through dragging, trying to drag my wheelie backpack through streets, around drunk people. 

They had street parties, concerts, club events, parades, all sorts of things. And it was the final night, so everybody was having their last amazing time before flying home the next day and back to work.  

Had I known it was something special, even though I was tired, and it was late, I do believe I would have stayed out, dropped my bag off, and at least gone and wandered around the city. I just expected that that’s what I was going to get every single night. I was staying at a Bourbon Street hotel. 

I paid for a cheap room at a Bourbon Street hotel to start with, and then upgraded for a couple of nights where I had a balcony overlooking the street. As we know, I don’t drink. I’m not really a party girl, helped by the fact that I don’t drink. And so it’s not really my scene, but I thought at least if I had the balcony, I could watch the party without having to necessarily be involved or be in the middle of it. So I’d sort of planned out for wild nights, just not me in the middle of them, but I just assumed I had a few more nights to make the most of Bourbon Street’s atmosphere. And so I silly me, I went to bed. 

Hurricane influence

Then I found out that wasn’t normal. It was extra loud and extra atmosphere just because of the weekend that it was. And unfortunately, the weather was not looking great. There were predictions of a hurricane, so everyone got through the special weekend, and then people went home. And a lot of the local businesses also shut up shop. So Bourbon Street was so quiet. I could never have imagined how quiet Bourbon Street was going to be. I just didn’t think that was possible, that it could be a quiet street, but it was a complete ghost town within a couple of days, and nobody wandered up and down the streets. Myself on the balcony was the only person around. 

Everybody had cancelled hotels. The conference I was going to, a lot of people didn’t turn up, including some of the presenters. They cancelled their trips, so people who were coming in cancelled and people who lived there were leaving. So it was void of atmosphere, which was just such a contrast to how I arrived.

Decorations had been left up, so there were lots of rainbow colours everywhere, which was nice. And I usually like empty streets and places to myself. It was just a bit eerie because it was a place that was never meant to be quiet, and I never expected to be quiet. So that was a unique insight into New Orleans. 

Since hurricane Katrina, the locals take hurricanes very, very seriously. None of them want to ever experience anything like what happened with Katrina. And as an outsider, I didn’t take it too seriously, probably showing a little bit of disrespect for the people who actually lived through it. 

We’ve all seen the footage from the Superdome and the awfulness that was there. But here in Melbourne, Australia, I don’t remember hearing much about what happened in the French Quarter. We saw photos of the French Quarter underwater, but hadn’t really comprehended what that may have meant to the people who lived in the French Quarter. And there were some horrific, horrific stories from what their residents went through as well. Every single part of New Orleans had a terrible time, so I don’t blame them for taking it seriously. 

Like I said to an outsider who’s never really experienced a proper hurricane, and never lost anything due to a hurricane, seeing blue skies and sunshine, I thought nothing of the warnings. 

Garden District walking tour

I did a walking tour of the Garden District, and I was the only one who turned up. I think other people had booked and then cancelled, and I’m surprised the guide turned up. She was very lovely, very sweet. I appreciated the fact that she turned up just for me. We finished a little bit early because it was just me and she was very happy to leave and go because they were boarding up the windows of their house. And then the moment they’d finished that if her husband hadn’t already finished by the time she got home, they were off to her parents’ house to board up all her windows and then leave town. They were all packing up and going, so I appreciate the fact that she stayed for me, given that she was actually quite scared and planned to evacuate before there was any sign of even a cloud in the sky. 

No hurricane

Thankfully, that hurricane never materialised. The clouds did start rolling in not that long after I finished the walking tour and a little bit of rain came down, but definitely nothing that you would consider storm rain or heavy winds or anything along those lines. So New Orleans was definitely spared any rough weather at that particular time, but everybody had well and truly prepared for it. 

There were sandbags on all the door frames, on all the closed shops. So it was a little insight into what it was like or what it would be like to live in a place where something like a hurricane can actually happen and does happen on a frequent basis and has had massive consequences for the people who live there. 

New York

But to finish on a happier note than that, I will quickly mention something I forgot about the 2017 trip. I flew from Las Vegas to New York, where I had bought tickets to see Bette Midler live on stage in the theatre production of Hello Dolly

I still remember I was working a night shift and there was myself and one other nurse working in this weird little room that we used to have where we had three babies between the two of us. And I was humming and hawing about whether I should book these tickets because they weren’t cheap. It’s the most money I’ve ever paid to see any sort of production or person or band or anything. And I was humming and hawing. What do I do? Do I spend the money? Is it worth the money? 

I am so glad I spent the money. I was on such a buzz as I was walking. I laughed. I cried. Bette was amazing. I had Goldie Horn sitting in front of me. It was just a magical night, and I stayed somewhere where I could walk home from the theatre, so I didn’t have to worry about getting home afterwards. 

I was literally floating down the street in my head. I was dancing down the street. I was on such a high. And I was just feeling very lucky and proud of how lucky I am that I have a life or a job that I could spend that much money and have a night like this. And I just wanted to feel that way forever and a day. 

I’m not going to tell you what happened after that because that’s in the book. And I really want to finish on this buzz, the buzz that was produced by Bette Midler. If you ever get the chance to see her live, try to go maybe not necessarily spend as much money as I did, but even if you spend a lot of money, I promise you it is worth it. It was just magical. And I’m feeling that feeling, a little bit of it now, a tenth or something of what it was, and it’s making me all warm and fuzzy. So even if it’s not Bette Midler that will make you feel that way, find something that will make you feel that buzz, that amazement, that excitement, that pure and utter joy, because that’s what life is about. You need to have some joy. You need to have some laughs and some smiles and all that fun thing. 

Wrap up

So I’m hoping I have made you smile or laugh at something today. I will leave it here. End on the wonderful, divine Miss M. 

Next week I will be reading stories from the September chapter. So if you haven’t read them yet, you’ll get an inside peek into the direct words from the book next week. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed some extra information about the stories or I’ve whetted your appetite and made you want to know more. So there is more, obviously, in the book, which is 365 Dates of Travel. We’re talking about The SECOND six months. It’s volume two, part two, whatever you would like to call it, The SECOND six months, which is available to buy wherever you buy your books from, your ebooks, paperbacks and so forth. You can find more information about the books and myself at the website, which is franheapwriter.com, and you can also find “Fran Heap writer” on Facebook and Instagram. 

There’s lots of information out there should you wish to know more. Please remember, do get in touch if you have any comments about the podcast or about anything that you’ve seen about me or heard about me or anything on the podcast. You can contact me on the web page or on social media. There are transcripts of the podcast on the blog page of my website and you can comment underneath individual episodes and things like that there. 

Thank you very much for listening today. I hope I will be chatting with you next week, but until then, I wish for you an interesting day.

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