The SECOND six months

Starting in 1992, an inexperienced and financially limited 18-year-old embarked on a journey that continued for three decades. Throughout this period, witness the evolution of travel and observe how Fran’s travel approach has been shaped by acquired knowledge and diminishing courage. In order to ward off the overwhelming fear that would otherwise consume her, Fran diligently gathers data and meticulously plans her adventures.

Embark on an adventure of your choice. Go from Timbuktu to Space Camp; from driving the Nullarbor Plain to Mackinac Island; from a cruise on the Rhine River to trekking with gorillas in Rwanda; or from attending Woodstock 99 to fishing for piranhas in Peru.

Alternatively, you can read sequentially by consulting the chronological index that encompasses both books.

Experience true interactivity! Enjoy the paperback with the accompanying photos on your phone, and enhance your experience further by listening to the podcast.

This book is the second instalment completing the collection of 365 travel stories, one for each date of the year.

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978-0-6457056-2-1 paperback

The first book

in the series.

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