About me

Working Part-Time - to find the time

It was hard to be in a good state of mind to write while working full-time night shift. So I transitioned to working two night shifts a week. I can pay my bills and spend 5 days a week on writing pursuits.

I want to write novels but decided to write about something I already knew well to help get into the habit of writing. So my travel stories were an easy choice. 

The travel writing has taken off and I love every second of it. The book of my travels, “365 Dates of Travel” has been released in two volumes: The first six months and The SECOND six months. Both available now. The book is in two halves as I wrote over 230,000 words!

In the background my creative brain has plotted out novels for future writing. It seems cosy mysteries are in my future writing career. As well as a novel about discovering what our grandparents really did during world war two with a Nazi gold treasure hunt amongst other little nuggets to keep the story moving. 

About me

Fran in Zero Gravity

I am based in Melbourne, Australia but have lived in London, Copenhagen and New Jersey. I’ve been to 57 countries but want to visit over 190.

I’m a poor excuse of a redhead who loves ancient ruins and drains, hates dusting, revels in going behind the scenes, can’t smile in photos and detests selfie sticks.

Fran with lionsI have wanted to be a writer since I was nine but also had aspirations of being a famous actress, an astronaut and owning a youth hostel. I became a traveller, a career nanny and a neonatal nurse instead.

Now I want to live my dreams of a writing life.

Fran Heap selfie attempt Trajan's Markets Rome, Italy

Starting with travel stories was the easiest way to begin. Cosy mysteries and other novels will come.

Watch this space!

Feel free to join me in my writing

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