3rd – 9th January (Fran’s travels in Canada, Israel, Libya and USA)

This week: Fran’s travels in Canada, Israel, Libya and USA. With a tour group throughout Libya visiting Leptis Magna as well as camping and four-wheel driving through the Sahara Desert, and solo travels visiting Vancouver in Canada, scuba-diving in Israel, and passport information in San Francisco, USA.

3rd January (1996) Vancouver, Canada

I roamed all over Vancouver today.

The only other reference of food for the day was McDonald’s where I liked how the packaging incorporated a maple leaf in the logo. I even kept a wrapper. My diet is peculiar when I travel on my own.

4th January (1997) Eilat, Israel

I have no diary entry at all for today. But I know it was my scuba dive day.

A fish! Coral and hand-holding.

5th January (1997) Tel Aviv, Israel

Flying home today.

There was a point where I thought they would not let me on the plane. I was exhausted, hungry, sick, and tired of having to stress about money. It was time to go home.

6th January (2010) Leptis Magna, Libya

Today I was lucky enough to have a second visit to the incomparable Leptis Magna.

Arch of Septimus Severus

Me in the Hadrianic Baths.

Amphitheatre with view of the Mediterranean Sea

7th January (1993) San Francisco, USA

I received a reply letter from the Australian Consulate today about how to secure a new passport. It was not good news.

8th January (2010) Flight to Sebha, Libya

It was time to leave the city behind us and fly deep into the desert. Another flight on which to entrust my bag to strangers to transport it to its destination. Was difficult to give my bag up. Fingers crossed, I would see it again.

9th January (2010) Desert, Libya

Our transport over the next few days was in three 4WD vehicles. So we all had to split up and spread ourselves over the different vehicles. I am always bad at this game of choosing, or getting in a ‘good’ car or seat.

The red and black ‘unicorn’ being tied onto the roof

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