29th November – 5th December (Fran’s travels in Europe and USA)

This week: Fran’s travels in Europe and USA. A Christmas themed trip to UK and to Germany via Eurostar, and continuing around USA in Florida going to Disney World, Universal Studios and a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral.

29th November (1992) Disney World, USA

My second day of using the illegal ticket went without a hitch. No ID requested. Phew. Today I concentrated on the Magic Kingdom section of the park. 

30th November (1992) Universal Studios, USA

Took a break from Disney today and visited Universal Studios. So much to love here. At this stage of my life I had a leaning towards becoming an actress, so getting to go behind the scenes here brought lots of joy.

Ist December (2018) London, UK

Neither of us had ever done ice sculpting before, so it was a new Christmassy themed experience for both of us to enjoy at Winter Wonderland.

2nd December (1992) Florida, USA

Was an early start to today. The hostel manager had offered to take a carload of us to near Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral to watch the shuttle launch.

3rd December (2018) Bletchley Park, UK

4th December (2018) London to Cologne, Europe

I was booked on the 10:58 am Eurostar from St Pancras Train Station through to Brussels in Standard Premier, rather than the familiar Standard class. Then on to Cologne, Germany.

5th December (2018) Dresden, Germany

A relaxing day on the train today. It would be the longest single train journey on this trip. Seven-and-a-half hours without changing trains. Dresden Christmas Markets.

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