24th – 30th January (Fran’s travels in Egypt, UK and USA)

This week: Fran’s travels in Egypt, UK and USA. Flying home from Cairo and from London, Australia Day in the UK, Denver USA in 1993. Flying to UK and sightseeing in London at Westminster and the Imperial War Museum.

24th January (2010) Cairo, Egypt

I had a peaceful day in the hotel’s air-conditioning gazing out the window until it was time to get my late afternoon flight back to Australia.

I’ll add the Pharaonic Village to my itinerary on my, third times the charm, Egypt trip.

Pyramids in the city

25th January (1984) Flying from UK to Australia

Today’s entry is taking a bit of literary licence. I have to declare that any dates on my childhood trip with my parents to Europe are all guesses. No one has the dates anymore. All just memories and rough ideas based on what the school dates were for the end of the school year in 1983 and the beginning of the school year for 1984.

Travelators at Singapore Airport 1984

I don’t look like I was enjoying myself in the photo taken here, but I was most likely dreaming about getting back on the plane where I had left a precious second half of an apricot.

26th January (1997) London, UK

All the fellow Aussies refused to let me stay in bed today even though I had had a late night. It is Australia Day, but we are in England.

27th January (1993) Denver, USA

The date of 27th January is an elusive date.

28th January (2015) Flying to London, UK

In going for the cheapest flights to London, I tried out Royal Brunei Airlines.

In 2014, I discovered a comprehensive packing checklist on-line that I have used ever since to form the backbone of my packing. The diary for this trip has more information around trip logistics than details of day-to-day happenings. So you may learn all manner of things about how I organise, plan, and budget.

29th January (2015) London, UK

Finally, the journey ended with an early morning arrival in London at 6.40 am. I think total transit time was around twenty-seven hours.

It was so cool being back on the London tube. I found it all to feel like déjà vu, like coming home, yet new and exciting all round into one. A delicious combination of emotions. Memories were flooding in with each familiar station that I passed. 

30th January (2015) London, UK

My diary reads: Tube (getting around) is so easy. I’m used to Oyster card. Everywhere is labelled, map easy to read. I got around by myself without any problems. Off at Westminster. Saw the Abbey and a really fat pigeon. Houses of Parliament. London Eye. View from bridge amazing. Found Imperial War Museum (IWM). There by 11.30 a.m.

Houses of parliament and Big Ben
View from the bridge with the London Eye
Bus 73 but taken later in the trip

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