13th – 19th December (Fran’s Travels in USA via Amtrak)

This week on 365 dates of travel: Fran’s travels in USA via Amtrak. Visiting Chicago, Memphis, St Louis, Los Angeles and Grand Canyon. All whilst living on Amtrak trains.

13th December (1992) Chicago, USA

Bought myself a place on a two hour bus tour of Chicago today at the cost of US$15.

Tonight on the train I treated myself to a sleeper compartment.

14th December (1992) Memphis, USA

It was an early start this morning but woke up in time thanks to the sleeper attendant knocking on my door.

Memphis of course is all about Elvis. So off to Graceland the tour bus went.

From my scrapbook. Sticky tape and all.
Another scrapbook page with tickets and postcards
Fan notes on the walls of Graceland property

15th December (1992) St Louis, USA

It was one of the worst weather days for the whole trip. I still managed to have a good day and it made it quite memorable.

I headed to the famous Saint Louis Gateway Arch. This is where the days weather makes it memorable.

McDonald’s on a boat. Direct sample from my photo album including caption

16th & 17th December (1992) Amtrak Train, USA

Last night was spent on the River Cities train, number 359, which took me south from St Louis to New Orleans arriving at 1.30pm. Alas no time to explore New Orleans with just a forty-five minute layover between trains. I boarded the Sunset Limited train, train number 1, at 2.15 p.m. This train would take me all the way to Los Angeles over two nights, arriving on 18th December. So I thought I would tell you all about my wonderful living-on-the-train routine.

18th December (1992) Los Angeles, USA

After my three night, approximately seventy hour, train journey I arrived in Los Angeles at 7 a.m.  With luggage locked away in a locker at the train station, I headed to Hollywood.

Marlo, her autograph and the new star on the walk of fame

19th December (1992) Grand Canyon, USA

Deserts are dry and snow is wet. So why can I see snow in the desert as I cross America?

We left the train at Flagstaff where a bus, run by Amtrak, and included in my pass, drove us the two hours to the Grand Canyon.

Where was my passport? I needed my passport.

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