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The Travel Page stories have been removed but snippets remain as descriptors for photos. Now under the “Blog” tab, where you can also find the Podcast transcripts.

Fran in Zero Gravity

About Me

I am based in Melbourne, Australia but have lived in London, Copenhagen and New Jersey. I’ve been to 61 countries but want to visit over 190.

I’m a poor excuse of a redhead who loves ancient ruins and drains, hates dusting, revels in going behind the scenes, can’t smile in photos and detests selfie sticks.

Fran with lionsI have wanted to be a writer since I was nine but also had aspirations of being a famous actress, an astronaut and owning a youth hostel. I became a traveller, a career nanny and a neonatal nurse instead.

Now I want to live my dreams of a writing life.

Fran Heap selfie attempt Trajan's Markets Rome, Italy

Starting with travel stories was the easiest way to begin. Cosy Mysteries and other novels are coming.

Watch this space!

redhead with pink umbrella

Questions, comments?

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